Kick-Off 2020

8. Ok­to­ber 2020, virtuell

Due to Co­vid-19 the foun­ding mee­ting of the Ger­man Chap­ter of the Data Ste­ward­ship Com­pe­tence Cen­ters Im­ple­men­ta­ti­on Net­work (DSCC IN) GO UNI un­fort­u­na­te­ly had to be can­ce­led. We are hap­py to in­form you, that it was pos­si­ble to re­sche­du­le the mee­ting and that it will take place this year on 8th Oc­to­ber 2020 as a vir­tu­al mee­ting.

At the end of 2019 the GO FAIR Im­ple­men­ta­ti­on Net­work „Data Ste­ward­ship Com­pe­tence Cen­ter“ (DSCC) was foun­ded. The DSCC IN main­ly con­sists of in­di­vi­du­al na­tio­nal DSCC chap­ters, which iden­ti­fy lo­cal needs and com­pe­ten­ces in the con­text of re­se­arch data ma­nage­ment and sup­port each other on na­tio­nal and re­gio­nal le­vel wi­thin a net­work of ex­perts.

In Ger­ma­ny this net­work will be re­pre­sen­ted by GO UNI. The DSCC IN’s Ger­man chap­ter will have its vir­tu­al foun­ding mee­ting on 08 Oc­to­ber 2020.

GO UNI is ba­sed on the core ob­jec­ti­ves of the DSCC IN. It ta­kes into ac­count spe­ci­fic na­tio­nal cha­rac­te­ristics and will be main­ly com­mu­ni­ty dri­ven. GO UNI in­tends to es­tab­lish and coor­di­na­te a co­ope­ra­ti­ve net­work of exis­ting com­pe­ten­ci­es and know-how from dif­fe­rent in­sti­tu­ti­ons, RDM cen­ters and cont­act points. Bes­i­des brin­ging tog­e­ther the­se com­pe­tence are­as and ma­king them available to a wi­der com­mu­ni­ty, an­o­ther goal of GO UNI is to chair an ac­ti­ve fo­rum with the pur­po­se of ex­chan­ging and de­ve­lo­ping com­mu­ni­ty dri­ven stan­dards. The lat­ter will in turn fos­ter in­ter­ope­ra­bi­li­ty and reu­se of ser­vices and mo­dels across lo­cal and di­sci­pli­na­ry bor­ders. The­r­e­fo­re, the foun­ding mee­ting will ser­ve the goal of iden­ti­fy­ing both com­pe­ten­ci­es and needs in re­la­ti­on to the skills, re­qui­re­ments and ser­vices of Data Ste­ward­ship Com­pe­tence Cen­ters as pre­sen­ted and de­fi­ned by in­sti­tu­ti­ons, data ma­na­ging per­son­nel as well as by (data dri­ven) re­se­ar­chers.

Plea­se cont­act the GO UNI coor­di­na­tors Mo­ni­ka Lin­ne or Pa­trick Hel­ling if you have any questions.